iStudio 901 | Studio Rental
iStudio 901 is located in Southeast Memphis, at the intersection of Riverdale Rd. and Shelby Dr. (down the sidewalk from Kroger and next to Boost Mobile) and is an ideal space for both photo and video projects.  We have tons of studio equipment with a wide variety of strobes and light modifiers.  All you will need is your own camera, and we will provide you with the rest to create everlasting and professional photos.  All Rentals require a $50 deposit.  Rental rates are $45 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.  All rental setups and breakdowns must be completed within your rental period.  Additional time over rental periods are charged at $20 in 15 minute increments of overage time.  Deposits are non-refundable for time slots and are not transferrable to other time slots.
Full use of the space with amenities include:
-Included Studio Lighting Gear and Backgrounds
-Separate Bathroom and Make-up room
-Storage Lockers with lock holes for personal items (bring your own lock)
-Conference area for clients w/HDMI television connectivity (17.5 ft. x 12 ft.) & 40" TV
-Workstation area with tethering and HDMI/TV connectivity
-Free High Speed Wifi internet access
-Fully furnished seating area for entertaining clients
-17.5 ft. x 30 ft. studio area
-Access to Hands-On Photography Training

Equipment List
3' Shoot Through Umbrella
3' Umbrella (Black/Silver)
4' Shoot Through Umbrella
5' Umbrella (Black/Silver)
5' Umbrella (White Shoot Through)
7' Wescott Silver/Black Parabolic Umbrella w/Diffusion Cover
7' Wescott Soft White/Black Parabolic Umbrella w/Diffusion Cover
Wescott Eyelighter with Silver and White Reflectors
24" x 48" Rectangular Reflectors w/stand
(2) Reflector Holder Boom Arms
43" Handheld Triangular Reflectors 5-in-1 with Grip
43" Circular Reversable Reflector 5-in-1
Light Stand Equipment
(7) Light Stands including 1 C-Stand
(1) Weighted Boom Arm
(1) Reflector Stand and Boom Arm
(4) Weighted Sandbags
Tethering Solutions
43" IPS Rated Television on Roller Stand for Tethering Solution Live View of Shots in main area
32" Television in the rear studio for tethering.
25' Tethering Cable USB 3.0
15' Tethering Cable USB 2.0 to Mini-B 5-Pin 28/24AWG Cable
24' HDMI Cable
Windows Based Desktop Computer System with Photoshop and Lightroom
SD Card Reader USB 3.0 Card Hub Adapter
Laptop Stand
Tripod with Ball Head
Light Meters
Minolta IV Light Meter
Phottix Light Meter, Transmitters, and Receivers

Backdrop Systems
3-Roller Backdrop System with Black, White, and Gray Seamless Paper Backgrounds in main studio area
4-Roller Backdrop System with various backgrounds in 2nd studio area.
5x7 Pure White Background Backdrop
5x7 Brick Background Backdrop
Green 10x20 Chromakey Cloth Backdrop
Blue 10x20 Chromakey Cloth Backdrop
Black 10x20 Cloth Backdrop
White 10x20 Cloth Backdrop
Gray Patterned 10x20 Muslin Backdrop
Blue Patterned 10x20 Muslin Backdrop
5x7 Reversable Black/White Oval Backdrop
5x7 Blue patterned Oval Backdrop
(3-4) Christmas Backdrops for the Christmas Season
(2) Portable Backdrop Stands
Thousands of Digital Backdrops for almost all occasions

6'x7' Lastolite Hilite Softbox w/White Train (Additional Rental Costs Apply)
3.5'x4.5' Lastolite Hilite Softbox for Headshots/Passport Photos (Additional Rental Costs Apply)
6.5' Revolutionary Full Body Fashion LED Light Box (Additional Rental Costs Apply)
33 Ft. Canon Hot Shoe Cable

Photogenic Equipment
(6) Photogenic PL1250DR Strobes
60" Octagon Softbox (Photogenic)
32x40 Softbox (Photogenic)
(2) 12x56 Strip Boxes (Photogenic)

Paul C Buff Equipment
(2) Paul C Buff Einstein 640 watts per second Strobes with Reflectors & Light Modifiers
(4) Alien Bees B800 Strobes w/7" Reflectors and Light Modifiers
7" 10%, 20%, 30%, & 40% Reflector Grids
(3) White Lightning X800 Strobes & Light Modifiers
Cybersync Commander Transmitter
Cybersync Transmitter
(6) Cybersync Receivers
32x48 Softbox (Paul C Buff)
32" Octagon Softbox (Paul C Buff)
(2) 14x56 Strip Boxes w/Grids (Paul C Buff)
(2) 7' Reflectors with Gel Slots & 20 Gels
22" Beauty Dish with cover
Barn Doors
Wireless Transmitters
Cybersync Transmitters and Receivers (Most brand cameras)
Pocketwizard Transmitters and Receivers (Canon)
Phottix Transmitters and Receivers (Canon)
If reserving within 24 hours of time requested, please also contact Larry Hubbard at (901) 230-1198 or Richard Townes at (901) 495-5348.  Thanks.