iStudio 901 | Learn Photography

Are you interested in learning the basics of photography to take better pictures or even to create a primary or secondary income?  Let the professionals at iStudio 901 help you to learn with hands on experience in our studio and OnLocation.  The secret is having the proper knowledge and practice time for various situations.  Regardless of your area of interest in photography, we can help you to become a great photographer and not just a snapper.  We do not allow automatic settings during our training sessions.  Everything is purely manual.  Come learn and enjoy the benefits of being a great photographer!


We have all the different gear for you to attain great knowledge and experience as a photographer right in our studio.  Learn how to set manual exposures to get great pictures.  Learn how to properly use your flash to get the best exposed shot.  If you want to become a professional photographer, the manipulation of light is very important.  Photography is forever changing and everyday learning, but once you have the basics down then you will be on your way.  Our classes are individually (or your small group max 3 people) taught so that you can retain the most of info.  You are welcomed to bring a subject to shoot with as your model.  You do not need any previous photography experience to take our classes as we will start you from the bare basics.  You will need to have access to a camera with manual settings (they can be rented from several places if you do not have one).  However, we will provide the rest so that you have a great learning experience.  Please see some of our curriculum based classes below:

  • Learn Your Camera & Photography Basics
  • The Exposure Triangle Broken Down
  • Introducing Lighting info Photography with Off-Camera Flash
  • Lightroom & Photoshop for Photography
  • Posing & Picture Taking Techniques for Weddings & Portraiture (Singles & Groups)
  • High Key and Low Key Professional Photography
  • Extracting Chromakey Photos & Changing Backgrounds of Photos
  • Sports Photography Basics

Attain the skills to provide for a second income for you and your family.  In addition, there are many jobs in the photography industry available.  Increase your ability to become a professional.  Photography classes are $99 per class and an additional $59 per person for up to two additional people for group training.  Other classes can be customized based on your area of need.  Contact us today at (901) 310-5471 or via email at