iStudio 901 | iStudio 901 Wall of Fame: Kelsey Hubbard (Class of 2017)

iStudio 901 Wall of Fame: Kelsey Hubbard (Class of 2017)

November 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

Kelsey Hubbard is thrilled that she will be graduating on December 8th, 2017 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiotherapy from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Kelsey has been an exceptional student leader, and she is worthy of the iStudio 901 “Wall of Fame” honor!  As a 2013 graduate of Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, MS, Kelsey excelled in academics and sports.  She was an established leader in basketball and Track & Field.  Her childhood dream was to one day become a physical therapist, following in the footsteps of her aunt.  Naturally, Kelsey decided to attend the University of Southern Mississippi and to major in Kinesiology.  Already having a brother at Southern Miss along with both of her parents being graduates of Southern Miss, it was evitable where she would most likely attend college.

While a student at Southern Miss, Kelsey excelled in academics and also pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha.  As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., she committed to the goals of the organization of giving back through community service.  Kelsey participated in many service projects such as the Pinelake Baptist Church Sports Camp, the Jackson Stewpot, Don’t Trash Mississippi, Fieldhouse for the Homeless, DREAM of Hattiesburg, the ARC of Southeast Mississippi, and much more throughout the years.  Kelsey would eventually become President of the Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi and establish her goal as a leader.

Kelsey began her professional work while still in school.  As an intern at Drayer Physical Therapy Institute in Hattiesburg, MS, she focused on establishing a positive experience with patients and their caregivers for their therapy needs.  Her internship focused on learning a lot about patient safety, HIPAA, risk management, and the daily operations of a physical therapist.  Kelsey worked at the same time at the Payne Center in Hattiesburg where she facilitated excellent communications skills in welcoming clients and ensuring that they had an exceptional workout experience while at the center.  She gained a lot of experience working in marketing and selling club memberships, add-on services, and recreational trips.  Kelsey is currently completing an additional internship in Memphis, TN at the Memphis VA Medical Center where Kelsey has further excelled her professional therapy skills.  At the VA, Kelsey focuses on many skillsets such as recording detailed patient prognosis, implementing exercise programs designed to minimize the debilitation and enhance the functional capabilities of patients, and she helps to evaluate patients for wheelchair workability and utilization.  Also, she shadowed her aunt, who is a physical therapist, in the home health environment to further gain more valuable experience.  Kelsey’s goal is to graduate in Kinesiotherapy and to further her education to acquire a Doctorate’s Degree in Physical Therapy.

Why Choose To Be Involved in the Physical Therapy Field?
“Physical Therapy is a passion of mine that I discovered well before coming to the University of Southern Mississippi.  So, I wanted to build upon that passion while I attended college.  Southern Miss provided me with the perfect environment to start on my path to becoming a professional physical therapist.  My ultimate goal is to work with children in helping them to rehabilitate and to enjoy life more.”

What Have You Learned About Physical Therapy Through Your Recent College And Work Experience?
“My involvement in my sorority and throughout the communities helped me to grow my passion for helping others.  Such involvement has exposed me to a diverse set of people who have inspired me to be even more motivated to reach my goals.  My work experience has been such a great learning tool with some of the best professionals in the industries.  My experiences motivate and challenge me on a daily basis.  The experiences have also resulted in helping me to grow into a hardworking and dynamic person that I would not have been without these social and work experiences.”

What Is Your Most Memorable College Experience?
“The most memorable college experience was when I was able to become a McNair scholar and was able to share my research topic on the benefits of physical therapy for children with Down Syndrome at a national conference.”

How Did Sorority Life Help You Excel?
Being a member of the sorority has helped me to further make differences in the lives of people in our communities, and it has uplifted and motivated me to look forward to a great future.  Plus the lifelong sisterhood that we have established will always be a part of me.  Pledging AKA has also helped me to form a common and even closer sisterhood with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin who are all AKAs.”

What Is Your Favorite Southern Miss Tradition?
“One of my favorite traditions is tailgating with my sorors and friends for football games.  I love seeing the level of support that our fellow students and alumni showcase in supporting our athletic events.  I also get the opportunity to socialize with so many friends and family before enjoying good football games.  It’s all about SMTTT (Southern Miss To The Top)!”

What Advice Would You Give A Student Who Is Thinking About Becoming A Physical Therapist?
“Focus, Focus, Focus!  Your undergraduate years may seem long, but before you know it, they have gone by so quickly.  Southern Miss is an amazing place to attend school and to make great lifelong friends.  Whatever you do, keep your focus on the prize.  Gain lots of experience before you leave college, and learn how to deal with a diverse set of people.  With good grades and a great attitude, everything else will eventually fall into place.”

How Does Getting Involved Help To Compliment Your Studies?
“Holding leadership positions in organizations have helped me to become a better student in the classroom.  Because my goal of becoming a Physical Therapist involves a lot of communications with patients, I have utilized my involvement in organizations and community service to alleviate any fears of meeting people and greeting them with a smile.  By pursuing my communications goals and other goals outside of the classroom, it has helped and encouraged me to apply myself in the classroom.”

What Are Your Future Plans?
“My plans include being accepted into a post-graduate “Doctorate of Physical Therapy” Program and eventually pursuing a career as a Pediatric Physical Therapist.” 


Cedrick Hubbard,Sr.(non-registered)
Congrats, Kelsey. You have done very well. Stay on task and it will all pay off. Your future is very bright. Love ya.
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